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Panel Solar Perlight Monocristalino 320W con Tigo 

Panel Solar Perlight Monocristalino 320W con Tigo 


Founded in 2006, Par1ight Solillr is growing to be the wor1d leadln1 resldet1tlal smart solar PV products manufacturer Ii service pn>llider. Bued on morv thim 30 years m1nufact11ring eicperien1:e of Baollte Group, alon1 with the Implementation of MES &t ERP system, f'jir11gtlt Solar haw realized lean and flexible man11- facWr1"f: of solar cell Ii solar module. With a>rporate value.s •customer First, Talet1t Excellence, Pra.pniltic: lnnoYilrtion, Integrity f. Win-Win'~ Perlight Solillr wilt continue to provide ene11Y products Ii service to &lobal famllles and vision to be the leadln1 bnmd in globlldistributechmilrtenergy.

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